• Edward.Ly4

    Come check my new slug.

    See how you like it

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  • Gene Khan

    The Founder of This Wiki User: Jack Rodriguez should be Demoted.

    Which means he should have his Administrator And Bureaucrat Rights removed.

    Please comment fellow users and vote say wether you Agree or not.

    And i Recommend either User: Flitter2 or Stormwolfy to be promoted to Administrator And Bureaucrat.

    Since Flitter 2 and Stormwolfy both have  made a valuable contribution to the wiki.

    I will send this request to wiki staff on December 18th 2015.

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  • StormWolfy

    I know nobody likes rules, but they are in place for a reason. Having rules let's you know if what you are doing/about to do, is OK to do. So I have made this Blog post asking everyone on this Wiki to suggest some rules that they think would be good on this Wiki. When somebody suggests a rule, the other people on the Wiki will vote on if they want this rule or if they don't want it. Once a rule has been agreed to be part of this Wiki, everyone, yes EVERYONE, must follow that rule. Here is my suggestions: 

    1. No bullying, this is a general rule for anywhere but I still want to remind people that bullying is not tolerated. 

    2. Don't edit somebody else's page without first asking their permission. 

    3. Do not make a Mary Sue or try to avoid it. M…

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  • Flitter2

    One Mistake after another

    October 19, 2015 by Flitter2

    Flitter and Double Eye love bubble streams and pools so they cmae up with a crazy idea to see who could get closer to the edge before they velocimorph. unfortunately there was three slugs, Bomby, Thumpy and Smelty playing a game of marco polo where they were going to be fired. So when they velocimorphed, they crashed into bomby, thumpy and Smelty, Shot out of the pack and revealed the place of Sophiana and her friends. But unknowingly the two slugs had fusionated into a new fusion shot called helping wing.As they came towards Sophiana, Sally threw them a fusion staff and a bingo (Slug Version of a gattler) and 20 to 1 the two defeated them. They were heroes, until Rexel the water elemental came up and told Sophiana what really happened. So…

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