An Metal-element slug often found in flowerpatches, mines, or abandoned factories, feeding on the rust and metal in the ore or machinery, and the pheromones and insects of the flowerpatch. These creatures are heavy hitters and very fast. they are covered in armor nearly indestructible, but the armor can only be broken by solid Dark Water. These critters are moldy yellow with a metallic growth covering their head and lower jaw of the slug's body, with 2 red-tinted eyes that stare from its cold, emotionless face, but these critters also have 4 small 1-inch tentacles hanging from the back of these critters' heads. These slugs can be found in houses, stealing radios and music discs to memorize, as these slugs are the only slugs that can memorize music, word for word, and sing it to try to attract mates or express emotions using bits and clips of music they've heard to form human speech. One famous Bulleter, Rico, is currently dating a Pheromoth slug, and its working out really well.

Protoform PowersEdit

These slugs are the biggest gluttons of all Slugdom. These metal-munching beasties weigh about twice the amount of a different slug of the same size, and their strong jaws can bite through smolten like a ham sandwich.

Velociform MovesEdit

When they hit velocity, they morph into an 8-armed, alien, serpentine velocimorph with bifocating top and bottom jaws, as the eyes are small and moldy yellow in color, and large brute maces for hands. It can use these moves:

Meta-mash: fires off a ton of punches that knock out the opposing slug, and causes massive damage to the opposing slinger.

Shred Box: It fires shrapnel from all angles of its hands, easily shredding any form of defense.

ThunderBall: launches a volley of magnetic cannonballs at opponents, reflecting enemy's slugs.

EMPulse: Shoots a controlled electromagnetic pulse, disabling the enemy's blaster.