What it can do Edit

Clock work slug is a energy slug that can travel back in time or in to the future.

Appearance Edit


It looks like a golden flooper slug with a key attached to its head.


Golden Goon doc appearance with golden claws.


Can not do any thing be sides move and talk in Protoform.

  • Time travel - grabs the slinger and vanishes taking the slinger back in time.
  • Slap in the face - makes the slinger attack them self.
  • Slug to the rescue - rescue slugs that are in trouble around the area.
  • Slug boost - doubles the powers of a slug.
  • Enemy retreat - make the opponent believe that there blaster isn't working so they give up.


Rarity: ultra rare

Element: light

Owners: none

Where it can be foundEdit

No one has ever seen a clock work slug transform but 2 have been seen around slugterra.

Top 6 factsEdit

1. Only two clock work slugs have been seen in slugterra

2. No one has ever captured one

3. The last clock work seen was in peach blossom spring cavern

4. Clock work slugs are so so so rare that some slingers think that they are a legend.

5. Clock work like to run so they don't get caught.

6. A Clock work slug does not have any owners but it was seen traveling at megamorph velocity (200 mph) trying to rescue Flitter2's top 12 slugs from a pack of ghouls.

Rescued Slugs Edit

  1. Flitter
  2. Double Eye
  3. Strongsport
  4. Thornado
  5. Bing
  6. Nursey
  7. Double Ding
  8. Termor
  9. Glimmer
  10. Webster
  11. Bubble
  12. Stinkypoo

These slugs have also been rescued by Flitter2 from a pack of ghouls

Megamorph Edit

Megamorph Protoform Edit

Never seen.

Megamorph Velocity Edit

Seen once trying to rescue Flitter2's top 12 slugs.

Megamorph Apperance Edit

Protoform Edit


Velocity Edit

A golden megamorphed goon doc with horns and monster claws.