The Guardian Portal Protectors are a group of pre teen girls that are the protectors of the guardian gate and 1 of the universal slugs called Multi the Multixy.


  • Trini- Wealder of the hoverbug. Best girl at mecha back duels-owns the crosser bow I
  • Sally- wealder of the flopper. Good at distracting the enemy-owns the crosser bow II
  • Sophiana- Welder of the Enigmo, Hoverbug and the universal slug, Multi the Multixy- The leader and girl with the plans- Owns the Wrist Blaster and Auto Fire 2.0
  • Hoshi (new member)- Welder of another Flopper. Has a strong bond with her slug, Dizzy. Owns a Aquablaster


  • Trini and Sally both have an addition of the Crosser Bow
  • Trini, Hoshi and Sally have been seen on the actual Slugterra Show (Trini in It Comes By Night, Hoshi in Second Chances and Sally in Slug Fu Showdown)
  • Sophiana was a Dark Slinger once but was able to break free on her own accord.
  • When a full moon comes, the girls are able to teleport to Sophiana's Home cavern set, The Central Caverns
  • Sophiana's mechabeast is a Bird Mecha called Profit (PROF1T) which turns into a Quad Bike
  • Sally's mechabeast is a Elk Mecha called Bucky (BU-K3) which turns into a Motor Bike
  • Trini's mechabeast is a Panda Mecha called Sleepy (SL33PY) which turns into a Go Cart
  • Hoshi is the only member without a mecha. She usually jumps on with Trini
  • They are protectors of the Guardian Gate
  • Sally,Hoshi and Trini have more slugs since their debut episodes
  • They are the last line of defense against the Darkbane.
  • They are currently in the Eastern Caverns.
  • They can teleport in between the 99 Caverns and the Eastern Caverns