The Multixy Slug is a small Slug more commonly known as a Universal Slug. They can look like other slugs due to what their element of birth is. Unlike a Thugglet, when it transforms it turns into a proper Multixy velocimorph. A famous Slug is Multi who belongs to Princess Sophiana of the Shadow Clan.

Known MovesEdit

  • Rockhorn - Projectiles self with curved horns.
  • Flashfire - Shoots a small to medium fireball.
  • Novabolt - Forms an ionized plasma blast engulfed in flames.
  • Bombsledge - Creates a path of ice that the slugslinger can slide or be pulled along at high speed.
  • Speedling - Flies in fast, dizzying circles around an opponent, slashing at them with its wings
  • Doublast - Hits an opponent, giving them blurry double vision. This move also lets people see the auras of slugs, and can help them figure out different fusion combinations.
  • Tazerbolt - Slug is surrounded by a ball of electrical arcs; gives a proximity zap
  • Thunderdrum- Slug spins around ten times building up a vortex. It sends a sonic sound wave right through it and then stops in mid flight and beats it's wings to send it towards the enemy. It has a 99 percent chance of hitting the target.



  • Multi the Multixy slug showed Sophiana to a group of new places called Unova from the [Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Game], Erdas from [Spirit Animals] and many others.