Ba ba baaaaaaaaaa!

some are in there

Sophiana's Frelings are a group of young slug fu students who are learning to be powerhouses!

Non Guardian FrelingsEdit

  • Sir Bouncer the Speedstinger
  • Sculpture the Arachnet
  • Swirl the tormato
  • General the Armashelt
  • Tripwire the Polero
  • Soap the Bubbleaeone
  • Gobber the Lariat
  • Armoury the Slicksilver
  • Bruiser the Grenuker

Guardian FrelingsEdit

  • Chomper the Rammstone
  • Flash the Tazerling
  • Mellow the Flatourhinkus
  • Bridges the Vinedrill
  • Iceburg the Frostcrawler
  • Waves the Aquabeek
  • Boost-Juice the Fandango


  • Fireclock the Infurnus