The Steampunk slug is an uncommon slug. It's main way of fighting is projectiles but it can also use physical contact. It is a very strong slug if it's Slinger knows how to use it to it's full potential. It is rumoured that the Streampunk is the offspring of the Roboslugs as it is from Futuristic Cavern but it has not been proven.

Apperance Edit

Proto Form Edit

The Streampunk is mostly a light grey but with brown accents. It has two eyes, one is brown and the other is a clear blue. Surrounding the blue eye is a rust brown gear shape. It has two small horns on the top of it's head and a single curved tooth pokes out of the right side of it's mouth. The Steampunk has a light brown belly with darker shades of brown gear shapes scattered throughout. On its right 'arm' and 'shoulder' is a design that looks like layers of coppar plates

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The Steampunk is a machine type slug.

Habitat Edit

Futuristic Cavern, it is speculated that it is the offspring of the Roboslugs as it is a machine type slug and it is found where the Mechas were last used.

Proto Form Abilities Edit

It can see though desguises and know a decoy from the real thing with it's right eye (the one surrounded by the gear)

Velocity Attacks Edit

Geargrind: Edit

Gears are sent spinning in every direction from the Steampunk's belly area.

Hommingcog: Edit

Three gears are released and attack a single opponant and pursue this target until they hit or are damaged beyond repair.

Screwtinize Edit

The Steampunk finds an opponants weak spot or realises if there is trickery being used. This move works extremely well against Tugglet and Camoden slugs who use trickery when fighting.

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