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Stinkypoo is a Flatourhinkus owned by Princess Sophiana.


Stinkypoo is a very good slug in Sophiana's arsenal. He is a natural magician and doesn't seem to know when he's in trouble.

Known MovesEdit

  • Blorfball - Releases foul stench on contact, makes an opponent nauseous.
  • Sluglure - Terrible stench that makes people's eyes water uncontrollably, but slugs are attracted to it and will follow behind.
  • Stinksludge - Sprays a blast of foul, sticky sludge balls that burn on contact
  • Gasbombardment- Hit's the ground like a grenuke then releases a cloud of gas that makes all of the enemies slugs faint.


  • Fart capsule: “Flatourhinkus” + ”Bubbleaone”- creates a bubbleaone with gas inside. It swallows victims for 5 seconds, Gases them, then spits them out.
  • Fartbomb: “Grenuke” + “Flatulorhinkus”- it creates a self-destructible bomb that releases gas in the 1 meter radius.
  • Healotoxis: "Boon Doc" + "Flatulorhinkus"-It releases a healing fume over the battle field.