Storngsport and Thornado are two of Sophiana's heavy hitting powerhouses. Don't mess with these guys!

Thornado and strongsport

Check it!

Strongsport and his movesEdit

Strongsport is a slug with more bite than bark! When he is calm he enjoys kicking thornado's butt at surfing!

His top moves are:

  • Battelup - Massive uppercut with huge rocky fists.
  • Hammerstone - Rapid fire-bashes from rocky fists.
  • Rockstorm - Shoots projectile rocks from fists.
  • Sandscorn - Hits the ground with a massive impact, causing earthquakes or tearing up a path.
  • Slabhenge - Hits the ground and slams rocks up, forming a rocky defensive wall
  • Rockhorn - Projectiles self with curved horns

Thornado and his movesEdit

Thornado is a young slug who acts just like thornado from how to train your dragon Proud yet loving, Thornado is the best slug for some fun!(Just have an umbrella if your swimming whist he's surfing!)

His best moves are:

  • Galestorm - Stops in mid-air and blows gale force winds, making it hard to stand, see or fight.
  • Airhammer - A ball of super dense air surrounds the flying Slug, hitting like a hammer blow.
  • Slyphoon - Spins in the air, producing a rampaging twister.
  • Windshield - Tornado spins around a slugslinger, protecting them.