Taro Len V56

Taro Len is a slugslinger who came to Slugterra at the age of 12, he became friends with the Hooligang, but later they became enemies, and became friends with The Shane Gang. On January he turned 15, he's one of the best slugslingers in history!

He's good friends with Xavier and Dan Master, which form the The Frost Gang which he's the leader of. Also his brother is Rene Slug.

He's also the third person to perform a Fusion Shot with Flame and Electro.
Taro len doin fusion shot

Taro Len doing a fusion shot with Flame and Electro


His favorite slugs are

Icy: A Frostcrawler he found during his visit to the mecha cinema.

Electro: A Tazerling he won during his first duel.

Dok : A Boon Doc.

Horns : Another slug he won during a competition.

  • Icy
  • Electro
  • Dok
  • Flame
  • Horns
  • Bubbles
Obsidian sword

His Sword

  Bubbles : Given by his good friend Dr Moore.

Flame : A Flaringo he won after a duel with Billy


Blaster: An Attacker Slipstream IV

Sword: An Obsidian Sword
Attacker slipstreamv3

Taro's new Blaster

Mecha-Beast: A Hyena he bought.

He also lives in his hideout.
Taro's Hideout 1

His home

Defender Scream V1

His old blaster

Hyena Mecka Beast

Taro's Mecha-Beast

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