Flitter and Double Eye love bubble streams and pools so they cmae up with a crazy idea to see who could get closer to the edge before they velocimorph. unfortunately there was three slugs, Bomby, Thumpy and Smelty playing a game of marco polo where they were going to be fired. So when they velocimorphed, they crashed into bomby, thumpy and Smelty, Shot out of the pack and revealed the place of Sophiana and her friends. But unknowingly the two slugs had fusionated into a new fusion shot called helping wing.As they came towards Sophiana, Sally threw them a fusion staff and a bingo (Slug Version of a gattler) and 20 to 1 the two defeated them. They were heroes, until Rexel the water elemental came up and told Sophiana what really happened. So 5 mins later, Double Eye and Flitter were sitting in the pool, fixing the mess they made.