I know nobody likes rules, but they are in place for a reason. Having rules let's you know if what you are doing/about to do, is OK to do. So I have made this Blog post asking everyone on this Wiki to suggest some rules that they think would be good on this Wiki. When somebody suggests a rule, the other people on the Wiki will vote on if they want this rule or if they don't want it. Once a rule has been agreed to be part of this Wiki, everyone, yes EVERYONE, must follow that rule. Here is my suggestions: 

1. No bullying, this is a general rule for anywhere but I still want to remind people that bullying is not tolerated. 

2. Don't edit somebody else's page without first asking their permission. 

3. Do not make a Mary Sue or try to avoid it. Mary Sues are characters/things that don't have faults and are perfect. This rule also includes making a thing OP (over powered) 

That's all from me for now but I can't wait to hear some of your suggestions for rules and if you agree with my rules.